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Conferences that work

New Book!
You can find out more at, which offers five free chapters, a condensed introduction to peer conferences, a blog, and free downloads of many supporting resources.
Check it out, Adrian loves to get feedback!

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There is no such thing as a free lunch. Or is there?

The gains of controlled folly are tremendous. A sculpt can generate large amounts of useful data for laying a sound basis for a long term program of work on key organisational issues. The only restrictions are our imagination, skills, and abilities.
… and there is no such thing as a free lunch!
I knew it! There’s [...]

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Aiming at the reef, or not?

Who Cares?

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Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change

We are pleased to provide the news the new book of Naomi Karten is out: Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change: Focusing on the Human Side of Change. The Satir change model provides the central framework. The book is relevant to all organizations.


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Deepening the Satir Experience

The Satir Institute of the Southeast is offering a workshop series beginning this July and continuing until November. Jean McLendon is leading the training. See the Deepening the Satir Experience flyer.

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A QWAN year :)

I wrote a teaser post about iterative and incremental rebranding of eXperience Agile in September… It’s been four months and almost as many newsletters since then . So time to de-tease the blog…
Marc suggested to do part of the upcoming newsletter as a Temperature Reading, so besides getting some information, our readers also [...]

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