Worldly Satir People

You can move the map with your mouse and
+ and – to zoom in and out
As you zoom in, clusters unfold

This map is created on UMapper and currently managed by Stephen Buckbee and Nynke Etk Fokma. Want to join us in this responsibility?

If you apply Satir work in your business or daily life and wish to be on the map to be found by others:

  • We add people based on [city, country, profile]. This information is required.
  • If you wish the location of your marker to be precise, also give us your longitude and latitude (or your full address).
  • The pop-ups that appear when you click on a marker on the map, allow for simple HTML coding. Optionally we can include what you would like to appear in the pop-up box associated with your marker.
  • And you can pick the desired color of your marker.

Contact us through the contact form on this website, via our profiles in the Satir Network (Stephen Buckbee or Nynke Etk Fokma) or by a comment below.

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