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Our workshops and games either contain Satir concepts based components, or are entirely based on Satir concepts. Some workshops or games are semi-finished to be customised or assembled for a particular context. We also design and organise new workshops and games on demand, and even on the fly. Contact us for more information.

Facilitation compass YAMM — People have to meet in order to get things done. Ineffective meetings are a tremendous drain of energy, productivity, and resources. Would your projects benefit from facilitation training that complements your project management training? Are you looking for meeting facilitation training for people in your organisation?
Mjolnir Multi-lemma’s — This workshop provokes thought, discussions and questions, exercises, and debates presenting key ethical concerns. It can easily be adapted for specific projects or organisational development goals such as (international) programmes using holistic approaches for anticipating, maintaining and repairing ethics.
hummingbird Controlled Folly — Organisational sculpting is a powerful and versatile tool that can reveal dynamics an organisation has tacitly agreed not to talk about. The gains are tremendous. A sculpt can generate large amounts of useful data for laying the basis for a long term program of work on key organisational issues. The only restrictions are our imagination, skills, and abilities.
opendoor200 Making an Entrance — You only get one time to make a first impression … … And that works both ways. This workshop explores ways of entering a group, and the effect our behavior can have on others.
balancing-act-transparent-200 Balancing Act — Tools and techniques are not enough for running your projects, you need ‘people tools’ as well. We all know that for instance developers and customers fighting abouth who did what wrong doesn’t make our projects finish early, yet it is hard to stop doing it. Especially when the pressure is on. This workshop provides tools and processes for individuals and interactions, to help you take a step towards peaceful, effective projects.
ganzebord Game of Goose — The rules of this Game of Goose version have been changed to get rid of limiting beliefs about our capacity to work together as a team. The game is open source. If you wish to facilitate it in your local context, feel free to do so.