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Yet Another Meeting Meeting

Facilitation compass

  • Duration: weekend, a short, intensive, and focused workshop
  • Type: Experiential, action based
  • Maximum number of participants: 8 (1 facilitator) – 16 (2 facilitators)
  • Coaching in effectively facilitating meetings
  • Skills for leading, questioning and problem solving, generating solutions and collaboration
  • Applicable to business, technical, government, and community environments
  • The workshop can easily be adapted for specific organisational development, change management and project management goals

People have to meet in order to get things done. Ineffective meetings are a tremendous drain of energy, productivity, and resources. Would your projects benefit from facilitation training that complements your project management training? Are you looking for meeting facilitation training for people in your organisation?

This workshop covers:

  • a variety of meeting protocols
  • facilitating clear purpose, advance work to avoid wasting time at the meeting, time and order of a fitting choreography (process), protocol and agenda, governance and leadership during a meeting, follow-up on resulting action items, and evaluation of a meeting itself
  • defining your role and responsibilities
  • identifying how to refocus a meeting that has gone “off track”
  • ensuring collaborative behavior

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