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No workshop is ever the same, so neither is it’s business model.

Open source work

Game of Goose, Balancing Act, and Making an Entrance use the “freemium/open source” business model. All are half day sessions that can be used as a part of a workshop or as a stand-alone session. You are free to facilitate it in your local context. If you use or alter our “freemium/open source” work, we want you to credit us by including a link to this site, and by only distributing the resulting work under the same, similar or a compatible license.

And by all means, let us know what happens. We’re very curious people.

Controlled Folly

Controlled Folly is aimed at organisational development and systems thinking consultants to increase their own effectivity and that of their customers with. The gains of organisational sculpting, the climax of controlled folly, are tremendous. Organisational sculpting is a powerful and versatile tool that can reveal dynamics an organisation has tacitly agreed not to talk about. A sculpt can generate large amounts of useful data for a long term program of work on key organisational issues. The only restrictions are our imagination, skills, and abilities. But in nearly all instances, sculpting evokes powerful feelings of dismay when participants see the representation of what they are dealing with. After all, that is why the agreement to not talk about it existed in the first place.

Controlled Folly prepares participants for receiving critical feedback, before they take the road less traveled by. That makes all the difference.

The workshop serves between 8 and 16 people, and is facilitated by 2 facilitators, plus a local consultant or facilitator. After the workshop, the local facilitator or consultant is required to address specific organisational problems and for working on manifesting solutions. This may require following up with problem solving workshops on priority areas, and choosing early projects where success can come quickly and visibly.

The sculpting choreography in the workshop has survived an alpha run at Consultants Camp, a beta run at Agile Open Holland 2009, followed by a a sponsored run of two Ship Of Fools organisational sculpting sessions at Agile Tour Bordeaux and Pyxis Paris.

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