Licensing strategy

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In general, feel free to use our works, wholly or partly, doing us the honor of keeping the Satir concepts alive and evolving for a next generation to shop in for what works for them in their local contexts.

If you use or alter these works, we want you to credit Virginia Satir by including a link to the Satir Network, and that you only distribute the resulting work under the same, similar or a compatible license for honoring/appreciating ancestor manifestations.

Controlled Folly

0966369416.01._AA_SCTZZZZZZZ_The “Ship of Fools” exercise is released under a creative commons license by-sa 3.0. If you use or alter the game, we also want you to credit the Sweet Medicine Wheels by including a link to The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path: Nurturing the Human Spirit. Adding a link to Reinhard’s website will be considered a display of impeccable character integrity by us.