Controlled Folly

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Become the master of your choices.


  • Duration: weekend
  • Type: Organisational sculpting
  • Maximum number of participants: 8 – 16
  • Team coaching in performance improvement and conflict resolution
  • Skills for competency coaching in observation, communication and negotiation
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • The workshop can be adapted for specific projects or organisational development goals

Organisational sculpting is a powerful and versatile tool that can reveal dynamics an organisation has tacitly agreed not to talk about.

It can be used for

  • illustrating problems experienced by a particular type of organisation
  • illustrating relationships between central and local organisations in governments and enterprises
  • developing a strategy by helping an organisation assess its relationship with external organisations
  • team building by assessing the dynamics of the team and its relationships with other teams
  • helping an individual manager identify the dynamics of a problem set of relationships
  • providing feedback to a system.

A sculpt can generate large amounts of useful data for laying a sound basis for a long term program of work on key organisational issues. The only restrictions are our imagination, skills, and abilities … and there is no such thing as a free lunch! Or is there?

This workshop prepares participants for critical feedback received in a sculpt for gaining response-ability. Such preparedness to be surprised can either be used to activate a pre-set sculpt or parts party named “Ship of Fools“, or, if run in a context where participants are stakeholders to the same system and/or project, lead to an actual organisational sculpt for that particular context.

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