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All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality, reliability, accuracy and legality of the information on this website. We delete, add to, or amend information on this website without notice, and are not responsible for the content of other websites and blogs linked to, or referenced from this website, if that website is not ours.

Any statement, opinion, or view in relation to any person or organisation which is not specifically attributed to any of us may not necessarily reflect that of us.

This website is intended for information exchange and for marketing and selling Satir concepts based workshops.
Contact us directly with your specific query.

On this website you can also find media made by us, which include descriptions of Satir based processes and best practices, released under a creative commons license by-sa 3.0. Some media are not made by us, and are not released by us. Please respect the way those are released. We trust the sites where we create widgets for mashups, to act appropriately and responsibly, and even so, check legalities whenever we can. For example, media like playlist may or may not allow you to play some or all tracks in your country due to licensing issues.

We encourage you to take steps to obtain the most up-to-date information, to confirm the accuracy and reliability of any information on this website for your self, and if you find inaccuracies, mistakes or infringements, that you comment on such content.

We welcome sharp observations, constructive criticism, reasonable suggestions, creative expressions, and inquiries!

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