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Satir workshops is an aggregate of independent facilitators using Satir concepts and skilled in providing the emotional support required for safely learning from those concepts for purposes of system effectiveness and maturity of excellence.

Best size for aggregates like ours is 7 (plus or minus 2) facilitators. If we are with more, we split up for more aggregates, preferably based on geographical location. Each aggregate develops its own form fitting their context and people.

We enjoy working together. We work on demand and closely with local facilitators and consultants to put ourselves out of a job as quickly as possible. We imagine that “who were they?” as we ride off into the sunset (or sunrise depending on your perspective and location).

We are also releasing associated media and works for minimum effort/maximum impact of the “congruence meme”. Congruence is highly contagious and we’re making it even easier! Our gain? As a result, we do not get paid for pushing a “copy button”. We get paid for our time and energy actually transferring skills and abilities for the purpose of increasing maturity of excellence. We love what we do!

nynke2-74x100 Nynke Etk Fokma is an accomplished system architect. And responding to curiosity, changing circumstances, and opportunities for exploration that presented themselves, she has also held roles as programmer, canteen employee, car mechanic, professional care-giver, systems administrator, factory worker, biology teacher in a high school, and co-founder and CSO of a Valley start-up. In recent years she developed a second and parallel main career as coach/facilitator.

Game of Goose, Balancing Act, Making an Entrance, Controlled Folly

willemthumbnail Willem van den Ende is a Dutch eXtreme Programming pioneer. He started programming at age 10, so the two things he has done for at least 10.000 hours are programming computers and observing people. This enables him to adopt a very flexible and improvising attitude during workshops. He has the ability to let people see things differently.

Game of Goose, Balancing Act, Controlled Folly

Marc Evers Marc Evers works as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development. Marc develops true learning organizations, applying principles and practices from Lean, Scrum, and other agile processes. He focuses on continuous reflection and improvement - apply, inspect, adapt – and knows how to combine his real-world experience with knowledge that is out there to create novel solutions. He likes to add games to highly-rated workshops, so participants have fun and learn from experience.

Balancing Act, Controlled Folly

emmanuel_small_new Emmanuel Gaillot is a software maker and a designer for theatre and dance. He has adapted XP practices and principles for the theatre at the turn of the century, and he has worked on instilling performance art practices back into the field of software making ever since. An active member of the agile community since 2002, he is a
founding member of the Coders’ Dojo in Paris, and he co-organizes the Agile Open France conference. He works in Paris, France, as a software team coach – helping organizations of various sizes to be better at, happier with and prouder of making software.

Balancing Act, Making an Entrance, Controlled Folly

No workshop is ever the same, so neither is it’s business model and licensing. We use “fairness” and “value stream mapping” for forming our business models and licensing strategy, and come prepared to be surprised.

If you want to participate as facilitator, demand a workshop, or wish to know more, contact us.