Facilitator participation

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Besides wanting to work together in a relaxed and playfully congruent aggregate (and not in a hierarchical company riddled with co-dependency dances), we all have an interdependent mindset for success. We have our focus on serving our customers and putting ourselves out of a job as soon as possible. This means we have to keep innovating ourselves and our services continuously.

If you are a facilitator and wish to participate, you have to have co-facilitated with others in our aggregate, because we use a consensus process to accept new people and we ground such decisions in experience.

Required attitudes for participation as a facilitator? We/You …

  • … are creative and playfully mature enough to do business with. You pull your weight and don’t just sit there waiting for others to do the work. A good idea is not enough. Everybody brings something else to the aggregate and everybody puts in time and energy for their own congruent success. We do not need/want someone else to do it for us.
  • … regularly reflect, free think, question, examine, verify, validate, and are willing to confront issues of belief if need be.
  • … are into self-actualisation.
  • … have been at Agile Open, Consultants Camp, or other such events — demonstrating determination to cross train and gain with colleagues for increasing excellence.
  • … understand your own coping stances (pdf). Stress arises out of resistance.
  • … are capable of maintaining your own integrity, truth and honesty.
  • … can be confrontive and tolerant in equal balance, or are working to achieve not getting fixated on “being right”.
  • … are willing to be successful.
  • … are dedicated to taking small steps of gain, piecemealgrowth, so to speak.
  • … don’t sweat the “small stuff” but learn from it, while engaging with the edge of excellence.

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