The five principles of controlled folly

Arrr, so ye be wantin’ t’ go to sea. Then ye best be learnin’ t’

1. Mask yer captainliness: Ignore an event or a key, then freeze bein’ absolutely surprised when its effects upset yer life, then blame th’ energy.

2. Do nay confore: Expect energy, wait fer ‘t, surrender yersef t’ ‘t, then keel haul others, or desert. Don’t forget t’ mention afterwards “I told ye so”.

3. Do nay deal wi’ reality as ’tis: instead, question yer skills, knowledge, an’ abilities. Throw lots o’ doubt in th’ water, an’ only pay attention t’ what reality ortin’ ta be like.

4. Push th’ energy: make ‘t harder, nay easier. After all, ‘t can only be worth somin’ if ye be havin’ t’ swashbuckle fer ‘t. Enjoy battle, nay life! At least ’tis nay borin’ me ‘earties …

5. Accept challenges in th’ flow: Use th’ above foolishness consciously fer (in)congruence on the good Ship of Fools.