Aiming at the reef, or not?

Who Cares?


Female energy
1. Focus

Original idea Ship of Fools

2. Substance

Gathering the crew for an alpha run

Get yourself excellent facilitators

Sensible business start-up questions

Thank you, Agile Open Holland 2009

3. Form

Business models

Licensing strategy

Terms of service

Male energy
5. Understanding: Spread the word, rumor it!
Hoisting the Folly Roger!
6. Imagination: Tunings, media


7. Freedom:

No ship is ever the same. Nothing is ever the same. Be prepared to be Surprised!

Female and male energy
4. Determination

Arranging date, location, participants, catering

Flying Arrow (actual session)
8. Pattern

Exercises and story telling for context setting

9. Chaos


10. Completion

Reflections and tie-ins to Real Life

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