Original idea Ship of Fools

Inspiration is not born in a vacuum; excellent ideas are seeded by other excellent ideas and fertilized by still more excellent ideas.

Controlled folly was originally re-designed from the balancing act, to support consultants coaching executive teams and managers. The demand was taken from the AIM UAW alliance executive coaching webpage, and from exchanges with Peter Schoonens, a local consultant.

Inspiration for the Ship of Fools sculpt idea came when listening to Reinhard Mey – Das Narrenschiff (live) — the lyrics in German and English are included below as pdf’s. Thank you Reinhard.

Das Narrenschiff – Reinhard Mey – German lyrics (pdf) Ship of Fools – Reinhard Mey – English translation (pdf)

The concepts used are Satir organisational sculpting (pdf) concepts, and a run up for being able to take in such critical feedback as a sculpt delivers, also uses Satir concepts: coping stances (pdf), ingredients of an interaction (pdf), and temperature reading (pdf).

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